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Get Started with IAQ Basics

This course is designed to help you get comfortable talking about Indoor Air Quality. Learn common problems and their solutions.

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Help People Breathe Better

This course is intended to be an introduction to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for all HVAC professionals.

Grow your business

Air Purification Technologies

Part 2 of the series is focused on products and technologies. What the best options are and how they work.

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Selling IAQ

Finally we cover how to sell IAQ in the home. It's important that you know what look for and listen to your customers.

Top Contractors are focusing on Indoor Air Quality services.

With the air purifier market expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.6% from 2020 to 2027, it’s helpful for HVAC businesses to find dependable products and distributors now.



Learn Period

~90 mins

Knowledge Required

Basic hvac

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The Next Step

become an indoor air quality specialist

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Air Pollutants

Understand what's in the air we breathe everyday.

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Contaminant Sources

Learn the most common causes of poor indoor air.

Air purification

Technology and solutions that are available now.

become an indoor air quality specialist
The IAQ Market

Detailed descriptions of the people actively seeking help.

Selling Strategies

How to talk about and sell IAQ products and services.

Strategic Partners

Connect with your local support team

IAQ Basics

IAQ: Help People Breathe Better!

This course is intended to be an introduction to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for all HVAC professionals. Anyone who sells, installs, or services HVAC equipment

Selling IAQ!

Make the most out of every call by talking about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)! This course is part of an introduction to IAQ for all

Certified IAQ instructor

Rob Ambrosetti

Rob has multiple NATE certifications, holds a degree in Secondary Education, and has years of experience as an instructor.


Council-Certified Indoor Environmentalist

Trained to identify the causes of poor indoor air quality – even when problems seem vague.

Healthy Home Professional

IAQA Healthy Home Professional

All aspects of housing, its effects on human health, and factors affecting IAQ contamination, and prevention.

HVAC Professional

IAQA HVAC Professional

HVAC systems, including key components of residential and commercial systems, maintenance and hygiene, and standards and regulations.

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Training and product awareness has always been a major pain-point in the HVAC industry. We launched the online training courses to fix just that.

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